The Vaseline Healing Project

Factsheet: South Africa

Learn about the impact of the Healing Project in South Africa.

South Africa training

Initial mission date: May 2016

Total medical practitioners trained: 372

250 Nurses (RNs, Nurse Practitioners)

81 Medical Officers (MDs of various specialties)

31 Medical Students

9 Regional Health Training Officers

1 Hospital Operations Staff

Total patients treated: 144 people

Skin conditions treated: Eczema, acne, skin infections (bacterial, fungal and viral), skin pigmentation disorders, HIV-related skin conditions (molluscum contagiosum and warts)

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Through the Vaseline® Healing Project we have helped heal the skin of

4,309,137 people

Our target is to help 5,000,000 people affected by poverty or emergencies by 2020.

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